Executive Summary

Boardroom Insiders, a pioneer in providing business intelligence for C-suite engagement, sought to revamp its legacy technology infrastructure to meet evolving market demands. Dualboot Partners proposed a comprehensive replatforming strategy to modernize Boardroom Insiders’ systems, laying a robust foundation for future growth and innovation.

About the Customer

Boardroom Insiders specializes in delivering in-depth executive profiles to sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals at Fortune 500 companies. With a database comprising over 19,000 executive profiles, Boardroom Insiders empowers organizations to gain critical insights into executive priorities, challenges, and personal interests.

Customer Challenge

Boardroom Insiders faced significant limitations with its legacy code base, hindering its ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and customer demands. The outdated technology infrastructure posed challenges in scalability, efficiency, and user experience, impeding the company’s growth trajectory and market competitiveness.

Why AWS?

The solution was developed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the demands of scalable web applications. By leveraging AWS, the solution ensured optimal performance and reliability, enabling efficient management of large datasets and high user traffic.

Key features of the solution:

  • Search Engine: Utilizing Amazon OpenSearch Service (Elasticsearch), the solution deployed a powerful search engine, enabling swift retrieval of information and enhancing the user experience.
  • Database Storage: AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) (Aurora) served as the cornerstone of the data management strategy, offering a highly reliable and scalable relational database service. This ensured data integrity and facilitated rapid data access critical to the application’s functionality.
  • Scalability: AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) efficiently managed containerized applications, providing flexibility and scalability in handling infrastructure management. This capability allowed the solution to seamlessly adapt to changing demands and scale dynamically to accommodate increased workload and user engagement.

Why the Customer Chose the Partner

Dualboot’s collaborative approach and commitment to understanding Boardroom Insiders’ unique challenges made them the ideal partner for this transformative initiative.

Partner Solution

Dualboot Partners proposed a comprehensive replatforming strategy, leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) to modernize Boardroom Insiders’ technology infrastructure. The solution involved migrating to a new platform built on Ruby on Rails and hosted on AWS, ensuring scalability, reliability, and enhanced performance.

  • AWS OpenSearch Service (Elasticsearch) as search engine
  • AWS RDS (Aurora) as database storage
  • AWS Cloud Watch as monitoring system and logs storage
  • AWS Route53 as domain management system
  • AWS S3 as images storage
  • AWS ECS as container management service
  • AWS ElastiCache (redis) as in-memory data store

Results and Benefits

The replatforming initiative led by Dualboot Partners has yielded remarkable results for Boardroom Insiders. The new platform has not only enhanced efficiency, scalability, and user experience but has also facilitated a substantial growth trajectory for the company. With the implementation of the new technology infrastructure, Boardroom Insiders experienced a staggering 400% increase in revenue, ending up in a positive acquisition.

Inevitably, challenges come up or things aren’t done the way they were supposed to be done, and the test of a great partner is how they deal with that. Dualboot always deals with that really well. We’re fans, and we enjoy working with them.

Sharon Gillenwater
Co-Founder and CXO, Boardroom Insiders

About the Partner

Dualboot Partners is a leading technology firm specializing in software development. As an AWS Partner, Dualboot Partners brings extensive expertise and industry knowledge to help businesses like Boardroom Insiders achieve their goals and drive digital transformation.