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Don’t Blame the Developer

A case for taking a holistic approach to building great software and great companies.

Code isn’t Everything

Why your infrastructure matters, more than you may think.

The Essential Tech Checklist

5 things entrepreneurs and leaders must understand to protect their products and their business.

Think Like a Customer

The benefits of making customer service a universal experience.

7 Ways We Build Trusting Relationships in Software

Who do you trust with your technology? It can be one of the most important parts of your business. It can constitute one of your most substantial investments. And if it fails, it can cost you credibility with your customers, your investors and your team. So, who do you trust with something like that? It’s… Continue reading 7 Ways We Build Trusting Relationships in Software

Beyond the Scope of Work

We began work with a new client earlier this year. He’s an executive I’ve known for years and the newly minted CEO of his company.   He came to us because his company needs development work. But that’s not why he signed on the dotted line. As we were discussing the finer points of what… Continue reading Beyond the Scope of Work

We All Think Cost Matters in Software Development

There’s a difference between hiring a development team for savings and hiring one for value. With the former, you know you need tech talent, and you’re looking for someone who can get the job done for the lowest price possible. So you start looking offshore for developers. There’s a chance you can get lucky, but… Continue reading We All Think Cost Matters in Software Development

Working Remote? We Have for Years…

Chances are, you’re reading this from a home office. The world has been besieged by the coronavirus, a pandemic unlike everything we’ve ever seen. It’s threatening lives, first and foremost. But it’s also threatening businesses. Now, companies are pulling out all the stops to figure out how to keep moving forward when it’s no longer… Continue reading Working Remote? We Have for Years…

In Pursuit of Talent

Location is no longer a limiting factor in the world of development. If you want to hire a tech team halfway around the world to build your software platform, you can. The question is, should you? The answer is different for every company, and finding it starts with understanding the options you have available, as… Continue reading In Pursuit of Talent

No Entrepreneur is an Island

These are the people you need to build a successful startup. I’m a connector. If you’ve met me, you’ve likely experienced it firsthand. Once I understand a little about who you are and what you do, I want to introduce you to people who can take you and your business even further. I do that… Continue reading No Entrepreneur is an Island